How to Book?

Booking Procedure:

Our package/air ticket booking procedure is very short and convenient. Please follow below steps for convenient booking:

Step 1: Please select your destinations and tentative travel date!!
Please select the destination which you want to travel or you can also find multiple option for your travel. 

Step 2: Ask for the package rate for your selected date and destination with our representative!!
Please contact our representative for the query of your selected destination and tentative date. If you have multiple option then please ask all the option with our representative they will give you all options.

Ways to contact us:
Phone No.: 01 4701818 / 4701812
Mobile No: 9801101343 / 9801101342 / 9801101341
Email: /
Through web chat:

Step 3: If you are agree with the cost and the itinerary you can process with below, other wise ask them to revise itinerary and cost!!
If you are agree with the cost then please provide the correct name of travelers as per passport so that we can hold the seat for you. Once ticket hold done we will provide you the time limit of ticket, before time limit is over you can pay advance and confirm it. If incase you are unable to travel on that date then you can cancel without charges before the ticket is issued.

Step 4: Pay advance payment to guarantee the booking
If you are agree with the booking now you can pay advance payment for the booking due to which we will take it as a guarantee booking and go forward to issue the ticket.

Step 5: Submit document for visa 
As per flight date and time we will ask for you to bring your document for visa so once you submit visa we will immidiately apply it and once visa is done we will inform you to collect visa, ticket and hotel confirmation.

Step 6: Dispatch of Visa, Passport and Hotel Confirmation and Ready for the flight
Once we make all the document confirm we will contact you then you can visit office to collect all the document and get ready for fly.

** Note: Due amount to be clear before your departure.

How to Book?

We make more easy for booking trip with us. We are online based travel company due to which you can book with us by Facebook Inbox, Web Chat, Phone, Email or by visiting office directly. We always try to give the better service to our customers.