About China

China. The name alone makes you want to get packing. It's going places, so jump aboard, go along for the ride and see where it's headed.

Breathtaking Antiquity
Its modern face is dazzling, but China is no one-trick pony. The world's oldest continuous civilisation isn't all smoked glass and brushed aluminium and while you won't be tripping over artefacts – three decades of round-the-clock development and rash town planning have taken their toll – rich seams of antiquity await. Serve it all up according to taste: collapsing sections of the Great Wall, temple-topped mountains, villages that time forgot, languorous water towns, sublime Buddhist grottoes and ancient desert forts. Pack a well-made pair of travelling shoes and remember the words of Laotzu: 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'.

Stupendous Scenery
Few countries do the Big Outdoors like the Middle Kingdom. China's landscapes span the range from alpha to omega: take your pick from the sublime sapphire lakes of Tibet or the impassive deserts of Inner Mongolia, island-hop in Hong Kong or bike between fairy-tale karst pinnacles around Yángshuò; swoon before the rice terraces of the south, take a selfie among the gorgeous yellow rapeseed of Wùyuán or hike the Great Wall as it meanders across mountain peaks; get lost in green forests of bamboo or, when your energy fails you, flake out on a distant beach and listen to the thud of falling coconuts.
China Visa checklist:

  • Original Passport with minimum validity 6 months 
  • Bank statement with closing balance minimum 1 lakhs - Duration of the statement must be 3 months 
  • Passport size photo with clear white background, recent photo, without the cap, without jewelry and ear, must be seen clearly.
  • 2 Copy of passport sized photo
  • Applicant must be present themselves at the time of document submission.

Important notice

  • The Embassy requires FOUR WORKING DAYS to process the visa.
  • You can apply for an urgent visa if you need it soon with an additional amount.
  • The issuance of all types of visa is subject to the discretion of the China Embassy
  • To prevent the security issue that may occur, the Embassy has reserved full rights to refuse the visa for the foreigner who is non-residence in Nepal and travel into Nepal for the tourist purpose. The foreigners who have visited China before may be an exemption for this standard.
  • All payments for visa processing fees can be done after the visa issuance only. In the case of reject, no payment required.
  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request any additional information or to request an interview with the applicants as deemed necessary